Saturday Walk and Feast

Interested in foraging but don’t know where to start? Want to see some of our favourite wild plants in their natural environment, and some of the spectacular uses we find for them at the pub? Join us for one of our foraging walks and feasts.

Whether a 10am or 2pm start, we’ll meet you at one of our local foraging spots. We email you with the location the week before the event. All of our sites are close to St. Albans. Then, for about an hour and a half, we’ll lead a guided walk, teaching you what to look out for, along with some of the practical skills of finding and using wild food.

Afterwards we’ll head to The Verulam Arms, where we’ll serve up a wild food banquet! Grab a drink and get ready to see the amazing things our chefs can do with some of the wild food you spotted on your walk.

Tickets for this event are £65 each & will be on the dates listed below & click through to purchase your spot*.  If you would like to purchase a voucher you please click here  which can be redeemed against any foraging walk and banquet in 2019.

*Cancellations within 7 days prior to the walk are non-refundable due to preparations involved.

2019 Foraging Walk & Feast Dates

6th April 2PM
27 April 2PM
11 May 2PM
1 June 2PM
15 June 2PM
6 July 2PM
20 July 2PM
7 September (AM & PM available)
21 September (AM & PM available)
5 October 2PM



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