Wild Food

We like our food natural, honest, and with a bit of earth still on it.  Ask in our Wild Food Pub, The Verulam Arms, or at one of our mobile or pop-up kitchens, and we can probably tell you who caught the fish on your plate, and in which river, or who picked your mushrooms, and in which wood. There are no convoluted supply chains here, and no air miles, only what’s real and what’s good.

Old Ways

We like to pick things from the ground and put them into our mouths because that’s what hands are for. We believe in hunting and gathering and feeding ourselves. Not so very long ago, human life depended upon a relationship with the natural world that has been almost lost today. We want that skill and knowledge back. We want to keep tradition alive. We want to survive the winter.


We like to rummage through the hedgerows like a child in a sweet shop, but we never take too much, and we’re always sure to make the most of what we take. We pickle and preserve. We value the root as much as the bloom. We try to avoid waste in everything we do. We save unwanted furniture and recycle it for our pub.

Spreading the Word

Most of all, we believe in the sheer joy of foraging. Share it with us! Wrap up warm and head into the forest, get mud under your fingernails. With our wild food banquets, walks, talks, demonstrations and expeditions, we want to find the natural forager in everyone.

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