Wild Cocktails

Check out our new line-up of Foragers cocktails!

Wild Bloody Mary £6.50

Wild horseradish vodka, tomato juice, Worcester sauce, Tabasco, pepper, wild salt
A wild twist on the classic morning cocktail. Our horseradish-infused vodka adds bite. For extra flavour, your choice of Foragers’ wild salt: Hogweed, Alexander seed, Wild Garlic, Lovage or Wild Mushroom.

Sylvanian Negroni £7
Mars Silvanus, Martini Rosso, SW4 Gin
In this Negroni, we’ve replaced the usual Campari with our own wild cherry and forest liqueur, Mars Silvanus. Complex and aromatic, sweet yet sophisticated, the perfect aperitif.

Sloe Gin Martini £7
Sloe gin, Vermouth, Douglas Fir Syrup
Our own foraged sloe gin, shaken with vermouth and a twist of citrus-spicy Douglas Fir syrup.

Hedgerow Kir Royale £7
Prosecco, Hedgerow Liqueur
A glass of Prosecco (not just for special occasions!) with a sweet purple dash of our handmade hedgerow liqueur.

Woodruff & Apple £6
Sweet Woodruff vodka, Woodruff syrup, apple juice
The delicate vanilla and mown hay fragrances of woodruff drift from this cool and refreshing cocktail. The taste of spring.

Foragers’ Absinthe £7
Foragers’ Absinthe, Woodruff Syrup
Our homemade cold-brew absinthe, flavoured with wild wormwood, fennel and sweet cicely. Instead of the standard sugar and water, we sweeten the potent herbal flavour with our sweet woodruff syrup.

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