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As well as being the initiators of the craft beer movement, the Americans also grow the world’s best and most aromatic hops, and many American beers showcase their floral, spicy and citrussy flavours.

Anchor Steam – 4.8%
San Francisco’s classic easy-drinking ale

Anchor Porter – 5.6%
Old fashioned roasty toasty porter

Sierra Nevada Porter – 5.6%
A smoother and more refined American craft porter.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo – 7.2%
Award-winning IPA with stunning hop aroma.

Brooklyn Chocolate Stout 10%
Probably the finest example of a Chocolate beer

Goose Island Honkers Ale – 4.3%
An impressive American take on a traditional British ale

Goose Island IPA – 5.9%
A sessionable-strength IPA, with all the hoppiness of its stronger cousins.

Flying Dog Raging Bitch – 8.3%
A grapefruity hop monster from the brewery from Maryland, with biscuity spice from Belgian malts and yeast.

Rogue Dead Guy Ale – 6.5%
Theoretically an imitation of a German Maibock, this modern American classic is its own beast entirely. Unusually, this is a beer that emphasises malt over hops. Rich, fruity, spicy, and with the distinctive flavour of Rogue’s proprietary “pacman” strain of yeast.

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