Team Building Forage Days

The foraging walk and feast is a great start to the world of the wild, but we can take you much deeper into the woods. Metaphorically and literally. Our bespoke corporate team building / away day forages are immersive, day-long (or more) experiences. There’s all the foraging and feasting of the regular walks, and more besides.

As well as the option to add items from our wide catalogue of workshop sessions – wild cocktail workshops, game meat prep workshops, poison mushroom experiences (yes really) – we also give you the chance to have us produce a unique foraging experience workshop to complement your particular business and team-building concerns.

For example, one of our private forages was for an interior design firm, so we arranged a forage with a particular focus on forms, colours and pattern in the hedgerow, as well as the uses of natural materials and techniques (such as wickerwork and basketry) in furnishing and decoration. Another company were interested in boosting productivity and strategic thinking, so we arranged a survival forage which focused on working as a team efficiently to gather staple carbohydrates without expending too much valuable energy. There are countless lessons to be learned from the wild.

If you’re interested in spending the whole day with us, please do get in touch via our private foraging events request form here.

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