Belgian Bottles

Belgian brewers are the mad scientists of the beer world. The number of wholly unique styles and flavours available in Belgium probably outnumbers the rest of the world put together. And a lot of it is brewed by Monks. How cool is that!

Orval – 6.2%
The Orval monks only brew one beer.  Luckily, it’s a great one.

Rochefort 10 – 11.3%
This unconventional dark Quadrupel is frequently named as the world’s best beer.

Westmalle Dubbel – 7%
A great example of a Dubbel, rich and dark.

Westmalle Tripel – 9.5%
The benchmark of the strong yet balanced Tripel style.

De Koninck 5%
Easy drinking Belgian Pale Ale.

Delirium Tremens – 8.5%
Strong amber classic brewed by “The Order of the Pink Elephant”!

Rodenbach Grand Cru – 6%
The ultimate Flemish Red Ale – rich and pleasantly sour.

Mongozo Coconut – 3.5%
Creamy tropical refreshment from this fusion beer.

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